Vision's objective is to grow as hub of innovations, ideas and talents and make sure that they impact on everyday life.


The analisys of how different countries have dealt with the pandemic covid19.

Exploring the future of work in a post pandemic world.


Prime minister under pressure within coalition to lift lockdown measures but death toll remains high.

The appointment of change.


A new paradigm of innovation. 

New ideas for the post-pandemic World.  

Global Challenges

The three consequences of the revolution.

International presentation (in Tartu) of the 10 ideas for Democracy.


Vision has put together ten ideas for the future of democracy.

ASAN Service, established in 2012, has been so far very successful as a tool to increase the transparency of public in Azerbaijan.

The future of the car, smart mobility policies and the idea of flexible congestion right.



Vision is a think tank dedicated to strategic thinking and we, Visionaires, are producer of ideas and projects that are original and indipendent.

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Vision's organizational model is not less innovative than the kind of projects and outcomes it proposes.

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