Vision is a think tank; a “factory of ideas”

Vision is the think tank that brings together researchers and young Italian professionals who all share work and study experiences gained in the best universities and European capitals, and the belief that the technological revolution we are experiencing will lead to a radical change in the form of institutions and in the governance of economic systems.

Vision director is Francesco Grillo, professor at Sant’Anna in Pisa and at UIBE in Beijing, PhD at the London School of Economics and visiting scholar at Oxford, editor of Corriere della Sera and Il Messaggero.

Among the most recent projects, the one on a "Fisco per il ventunesimo secolo" that we have created for the National Bar Council, the National Order of Accountants and the National Council of Notaries, which is being followed - in recent weeks - by the "Reform of Civil Justice".

Vision is also developing Social Innovation projects in Europe and Italy that see the younger generations committed to developing technologies that allow the elderly to access remote health services and the elderly engaged in mentoring young people seeking their first job (the Vision's model of Social Innovation is currently being tested in Italy in Novara, Lucca, Caserta, Cosenza).

At the beginning of October 2020 the first conference on the future of Europe organized by Vision in Messina/Taormina saw the participation of thirty protagonists including the former President of the Commission and Prime Minister, Romano Prodi, the former President of the Council and Judge of the Constitutional Court, Giuliano Amato, of the European Commissioners, Paolo Gentiloni and Carlos Moedas, the journalists Alexandra Borchardt and John Hooper. Co-Chairs of the Conference were Stefania Giannini, Deputy Director of UNESCO for Education, and Bill Emmot, former director of The Economist.

In the months of the first Lockdown (March - July 2020), Vision presented its "Post-Covid Series" with proposals on the "cities of the future" (in seminars that saw the participation of the Minister of Regional Affairs and the President of ANCI), tourism, compulsory civil service and school.

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