Vision is a think tank; a “factory of ideas”

Vision is a think tank dedicated to strategic thinking. As Visionaries, we produce ideas and projects that are original and independent.

We use our knowledge, networks, funding, and skills to grow as a hub of innovations, ideas, and talents, to make sure our proposals impact everyday life. 

At the core of our projects is the idea that innovation is the key for tackling the challenges that our society faces. 

We have developed several projects on social innovation and on the impact of technology on public services. One of the most significative projects, “E-government and the Public Service in Europe,” has led to different dissemination events (in Rome and Brussels) and to the publication of our position paper about e-Gov in Europe and about Asan service, a creative way to improve state-relationship in a developing country

Other important projects are: “Smart Specialization and the Future of Italian research” (Boston, 2015, in collaboration with MIUR and MIT) and “The University of the Future within the Global Markets of Ideas: The Internazionalization Imperative”.

Between 2014 and 2020, we are committed to a number of fields where big challenges are at stake: they range from Silver Innovation to Tax Systems in the 21th CenturyOur capacities and problem-solving oriented methods are suited for the action needed to address similar challenges.

We want to be Vision: a unique experience for boosting innovations and a laboratory for new scenarios.

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